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  Mission Statement  

BJES Mission Statement

Bringing all stakeholders together,

Joining for one common purpose,

Ensuring the success of all by

Striving to meet individual needs.

  About The School  

The History of Ben Johnson Elementary School

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In the late 1920's and early 1930's Breckinridge County was populated with 120 schools.  Most of these schools served grades one through eight in one room school houses.  Eventually, eight schools consolidated to form Ben Johnson Elementary. The schools that were consolidated were Rhodes, McDaniels, Calvert, Beech Grove, Antioch, Howard, Coyles and Mt. Gilead. 

In 1930, Harry Sparks was hired as a teacher at the McDaniels School.  He was the first teacher in the county to have a college degree.  Before Mr. Sparks came to McDaniels School the students had never been exposed to basketball.  He made the basketball goals in Mr. Brown's blacksmiths shop.  Money from a pie supper was raised to build a basketball court. Mr. Sparks later was put in charge of teacher certification in the county.  Mr. Sparks' love for education went from a little two room school to later becoming the president of Murray State University, where he retired.

The first make-shift bus at McDaniels School was a covered wagon.  Later, Mr. Willie Compton bought a motor operated bus and took over the transportation of students.

In 1955, the new Ben Johnson building was built. Mr. E.D. Brown was the superintendent at that time. The old building was left standing to serve as the lunch room and recreation room, but later torn down. In 1974-75, the new gym was  completed. Also, the first air conditioning was installed during this year.



Over the years many changes and additions have occurred.


Ben Johnson underwent a major renovation starting in 2009. Now, Ben Johnson has become a remarkable school and takes its place with growing pride in our county.