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Digital Projects 2013-2014

BJES STLP Winter Virtual Projects 2014

(The BJES Winter Virtual Projects may be accessed by clicking on the blue title under each entry.)


Category: Manipulated Image

 Entry #1

Student: Ashton Martin, 4th Grade

Title: Doe-iful Day!!!


This manipulated image is done under Microsoft Publisher. The original image is a doe from a deer camera that we set up in the woods. I manipulated the original image by changing the image shape to a sun under picture shape. From there I changed the border color to yellow, and then I increase the contrast to +20 percent to brighten the image. All this can be done by clicking on Format under the Picture Tools icon at the top of the page.


Category: Graphic Design

Entry #1

Student: Laci Mattingly, 5th Grade

Title: Make Your Goals Come True


Step 1: I got on

Step 2: I used Vignette and I sized and strengthened the black border.

Step 3: I used infrared Zero to fade the color.

Step 4: I used pencil sketch to make it look like a real drawing.

Step 5: I got on paint and used Comic Sans MS to make the writing.


Category: Photo Product 


Entry #1

Student: Abbigail Stevenson, 4th Grade

Title: Sticky Sweet


1. I chose my picture.

2. I chose to edit my picture in photo gallery.

3. I used the dark blue effect.

4. I used the retouch option to remove a satellite cord from the background.

5. I chose the title for my picture.

6. I chose the title sticky sweet because there was a lollipop in the picture.


Category: Public Service Announcement

Entry #1

Students: Lincoln Smith, 5th Grade and Shelton Smith, 3rd Grade

Title: Healthy Habits

Credits: Video/Music - iMovie

Guest Appearance - Dr. Ben Smith


Entry #2

Students: Paige Drane, Laci Mattingly, and Emily Thompson, 5th Grade

Title: Relational Aggression (Girl Bullying)

Guest Appearance - Hannah Radaszewski, 5th Grade Student

Credits: Video - iMovie