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BJES STLP Digital Projects 2014-2015

BJES STLP Projects 2014-2015

(The BJES Digital Projects may be accessed by clicking on the blue title under each entry.)


Category: Manipulated Image


Entry #1

Student: Julia Jones, 5th Grade

Title: "Kangaroo in Disguise"


I started with finding something to manipulate my photo on. I picked Enjoy Photo. I began manipulating this picture by 1. Putting sunglasses on the kangaroo 2. By adding a hat 3. Adding lips to the kangaroo 4. Putting a tie on the kangaroo 5. Putting my finished product in a bubble. Now you have a "Kangaroo in Disguise"! 


Entry #2

Student: Bralyn Whitworth, 5th Grade

Title: "Doggy, It's Cold Outside"


I used our family pet named Hank.  After I took my picture, I uploaded it to the site. I used to edit my picture. I first cropped the picture. Then, I tried the different options on the site before I decided to use the snowflake frame as my border. Now, we have a cold doggy!


Category: Photo Product


Entry #1

Student: Ally Jo Morgan, 4th Grade

Title: "Sunset"


This picture was taken with my Mom's phone, which is an IPhone 4S.  According to my Mom's IPhone package, it has 5 megapixels and has a 5X digital zoom.

My family and I were walking out of the Kroger's in Valley Station in Louisville, KY on Friday January 2nd, 2015.  My dad noticed the sunset first.

You will notice the reds and oranges making a pretty purple at the top of the picture.

I really liked the sunset, so we took a picture.


Entry #2

Student: Karlee Metcalfe, 5th Grade

Title: "Brrr...."


After the ice storm, I spotted the cold cardinal sitting on an ice coated branch. When I saw the cardinal, I thought, "Oh my, it is a cardinal." A couple of weeks before that my uncle Timmy passed away, so that is why I decided to take the picture. I took it using a Nikon D60 camera. The cardinal's bright color pops out in this picture. 


Entry #3

Student: Madilyn Moore, 5th Grade

Title: "Focus on This"


I took the picture of the butterfly using an empty thread spool.  I taped it over the camera lens so that the butterfly could be seen through the center.  I held the camera where the light could shine in to show the sides of the spool and the butterfly was the center focus.


Entry #4

Student: Skylar Tucker, 5th Grade

Title: "Pig On A Walk"


First, I took my phot with an Iphone 5 while I was walking with my pig, Wilbert! Also I cropped my photo. I added the Chrome filter to my photo to make my piggy stand out.


Entry #5

Student: Sydney Tucker, 5th Grade

Title: "Creative In The Kitchen!"


The photo shown above was taken by an Iphone 5. I cropped the photo to zoom in on the pancake. Also I used the Chrome filter to brighten the pancake. I made this photo while I was cooking pancakes.


Category: Digital Art Product

Entry #1

Student: Zona Stout, Kindergarten

Title: "Fur Eyes Nose Lion"


My name is Zona, and I am in kindergarten.  This is how I created my digital photo.  I made a thumbprint picture and took a photo of it with an iPad.  Using the You Doodle App, I created and colored a sketch of the photo.  The title of my digital photo is Fur Eyes Nose Lion.  I chose this title because that is what he looks like.


Category: Public Service Announcement

Entry #1

Student: Allie Tucker, 1st Grade

Title: "Stop Bullying"

Credits: Video/Music - iMovie


Entry #2

Student: Elijah Broadbent, 1st Grade

Title: "Why Not the Best?" Breckinridge County Schools

Credits: Video - iMovie; YouTube; SafeTV