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BJES STLP Digital Projects 2015-2016

BJES STLP Projects 2015-2016

(The BJES Digital Projects may be accessed by clicking on the blue title under each entry.)


Category: Digital Art Product

Entry #1

Student: Laney Prewitt, Kindergarten

Title: Follow Your Dreams


To create my digital art product, I used the paint program. The steps I took were:

1. I used the paint tool to select and paint the background color.
2. I used the text tool to select a font. I selected my color and used the text tool to add my words to the       product.
3. I used the shape tool to add 4 point stars in the corners.
4. I used the shape tool to add 5 point stars around the words.
5. I saved my project.



Category: Public Service Announcement

Entry #1

Student: Allie Tucker, 2nd Grade

Title: Spreading Kindness

Credits: Video/Music - iMovie


Entry #2

Student: Zona Stout, 1st Grade

Title: Synergy

Credits: Video - iMovie; YouTube


Category: Featured Video Product

Entry #1

Student: Zachary Davis and Keaton Sosh

Title: How to Play Basketball

Credits: YouTube


Category: Graphic Design Product

Entry #1

Student: Keilana Cargo, 3rd Grade

Title:  Rescued


First, I went outside one morning and took a picture using a Samsung Galaxy Camera 2. I put my camera on sunset filter and took a picture of the sunrise to get the best shot. The photo was taken from my front door the morning after a snow fall. Then I put the photo on my computer and used Adobe Photoshop to take out a power line that ran across the picture. I added a bible verse, Psalms 50:15 to create mood of peace.